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The unclimbed SW-Face of Kunyang Chhish East  (c) privat

Pakistan Expedition is on

The virgin summit of Kunyang Chhish East (ca. 7400m) lies in the Hispar Muztagh Range of the Karakorum Mountains of Pakistan. Over two month of expedition we try to climb it´s Southwestface. A 2400m high wall, formed out of ice and rock, tried by three teams so far. The highest point was reached by Steve House and Vince Anderson in 2006. We will climb in pure alpine style without using fixed ropes.

In June we want to acclimatize around Base Camp to be ready and to make serious attempts on Kunyang Chhish East in July. The team involves my friend and one of the strongest and modest alpine climbers of Switzerland, Simon Anthamatten, my brother Matthias and my humble self.

Unfortunately Matthias injured his left thumb just right before leaving. So it´s still unclear if he can join us later on the expedition or not. It´s really a pity for him and for all of us. He was super psyched and trained to come. Anyway we will take his spirit as far as we can climb. I feel really sorry for him.

I will try to keep you updated from Base Camp on my personal facebook page with some written comments via satellite phone. There won´t be any pictures until our return beginning of August.

I want to thank everyone for the support to make this happen.

Ciao Hansjörg